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Bill's Story of Transformation

It starts with a bit of inspiration...

At the age of 64, Bill was ready to change his lifestyle. His father had died from a heart attack at 58, and though Bill's uncle was still alive at 80, he had very poor balance and stability.

Bill wanted to make sure that he would be physically fit enough to enjoy his own family and time spent with his grandchildren, so he set out on a journey of transformation that would change his life and uncover a new body.

Referred to BodyMaxx by one of Brian's clients, Bill began training with Brian in 2006. His initial goal was to work on balance and stability, but as he conquered one physical challenge after another, his fitness level soared.

Says Bill, "when I started, I couldn't do a lot of the movements, but Brian knows just how far he can push me and when to stop." Before long he moved from balance mats to 'man-makers' and now, Bill claims, "People don't recognize me, anymore. It's that dramatic of a change."

A Whole New Body

In one year, Bill lost 55 pounds, and his cholesterol dropped 70 points. He gained about 15pounds of muscle and tons of strength. "It's been a lifestyle improvement." says Bill, "and along the way, I've changed my whole physical being."

Brian's routine for Bill includes complex body movements that improved Bill's strength, aerobic fitness, balance and coordination. Dietary changes rounded out his lifestyle overhaul and boosted his progress.

Bill is no longer worried about an uncertain future, "I'm more fit today than I was at 25. Brian's guidance helped me stay on track and get me to where I am now." No doubt, that's a good place to be.

Bill story reminds us that you can make the changes you want to see in your life at any age. It only takes a pinch of inspiration, a good amount of determination and - of course - some great support along the way.

Is a body transformation in your future? We work with all ages and all fitness levels. We can help you achieve your fitness goals in the New Year.